Bhagat Puran Singh Ji

Any visitor to the city of Amritsar and various other cities of Punjab who keeps his eyes open, cannot fail to notice Black Donation Boxes in front of historical Gurdwaras, reminding him of the duty he owes to his brethren, the sick and suffering, the aged and the infirm. At some places he may come across large wooden black-boards bearing extensive writings of a similar type seeking to strike a sympathetic chord in him or containing a homily on civics and morality, religion and philosophy. If he were to pause and read, he would surely find that these are the insignia of Pingalwara (literally a home of the cripple)-a unique institution founded by an equally unique person.

He is a tall, shabbily dressed man, who may be found tramping with his wooden sandals or riding a rickshaw, along with an invalid. He always carries a brass bell hanging by his side and announcing his rrival. This man, you may call him a superman, even an angel, goes by the name of Bhagat Puran Singh. He was born and brought up in a Hindu family of village Rajewal (Rahnon) in Ludhiana district but he found greater solace and inspiration in the teachings of the Sikh Gurus, when.......  Read More

Introduction of Pingalwara

Think of selfless service and, like Bhai Ghanaiya Ji, Bhagat Puran Singh’s name automatically comes onto your lips. He was born to Mata Mehtab Kaur on 4th June, 1904 in a Hindu Sanatan Dharam Family in village Rajewal, Tehsil: Khanna, Distt: Ludhiana. His father, Lala Shibu Mal, was a money-lender, who used to pay income tax of Rs. 52/- and land revenue of Rs. 200/- every year. Bhagat Puran Singh’s childhood name was Ramji Das.... Read More


Bhagat Puran Singh Ji was of the view that the combined efforts of the society are much more powerful than the efforts of the government or private parties. Pingalwara is grateful to all the donors who have given a concrete shape to all the visions of Bhagatji...Read More

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